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Oozing charm and character!

Whether you are looking for a place to relax or want somewhere to concentrate on your latest project, the Writer's Retreat is perfect for you. On the lowest floor in our three-floor 17th century house, this beautifully quirky set of rooms in the oldest part of the house has everything you need for a self-catering stay.

Nestled on a hillside, within easy walking distance from the North Berwyn Way and easily accessible by road, The Writers Retreat is a base for your peaceful break.  We're minutes away by foot from the centre of Cynwyd and only a five-minute drive from Corwen and the A5. Whether you are looking for a base from which to walk, adventure and sightsee or you want a peaceful retreat where you can concentrate on your latest novel, you'll find the tranquil apartment and stunning views are perfect for you.  

john and lou
John & Louise

Why "The Writer's Retreat"?

When I (John) was writing my last novel, I'd spend a week a month during winter renting remote and picturesque self-catering cottages to work in.  I'd take long walks in the morning and work from lunch late into the evening.  I was inspired by the places I visited and found it a wonderful way to work.  When we moved to our own little bit of remote beauty, I wanted to create a space that would allow other writers and holidaymakers to do the same.  So whether you are here to work on your latest novel, script or idea, or if you are simply looking for a tranquil base for your walking or romantic getaway, know that where you are staying has been thought out for you by someone who regularly self-caters in exactly this sort of space.  

I can’t say enough good things about my stay at Louise's beautiful home. The house was stunning and the hospitality was outstanding. At our arrival, Louise and her sweet little girl Tovy welcomed us.
Beautiful scenic views, renovated place, every single item was brand new. Regret we stayed only a night. But at least we know where to book our future Snowdon visits.

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